In May 2019, Kate hosted a workshop at the one of the Hong Kong’s Toastmasters Club where she is a proud member and entertained public speaking and travel enthusiasts! More than 35 people turned up to hear her authentic story of high altitude trekking and no showers along the way:-) #ClapClap

Speaking at Toastmasters Hong Kong – more than 35 people turned up to listen to her unique story

She shared her stories how we managed without a shower for a few weeks in the mountains, how we were able to trek 12 hours in a day in high altitude and what we did in the evenings when we were not walking. The audience wanted more! They almost did not allow her to leave the stage with the number of questions they had. Great to be surrounded by people hungry for adventures! Amazing experience and first steps in workshop leading and motivational speaking.

Kate engages with the audience. Each day of the trek was a new story to be told.

Limited accommodation. Only 4 wooden walls, hard beds and windows open to nature. We don’t need a lot to be happy.

Summiting Larke Pass. Speaking at Hong Kong’s chapter of Toastmasters