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Nepal Photo Story (1/3): Upwards! First steps in the Budhi Gandaki valley

Words are not to describe the beauty of Himalayas. You can read our previous articles on useful tips about planning budget, itinerary or great day trips during the trek for the expedition. Now it’s time to enjoy Manaslu and the Himalayas in the pictures.

Gate keepers to Larke Pass, at 5 106 the highest point of the trek. Manaslu, Nepal.

Gatekeepers to Larke Pass, at 5 106 meters the highest point of the trek. Manaslu, Nepal.

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Emeishan: 13 hours of stairs climbing to enlightment

It is dark and all one can see are shapes of eleven sleeping bodies of fellow Chinese hikers. Stepped slowly on the ladder to leave the attic of a hermitage we spent the night in, we quickly realized that our bodies have not yet recovered from the eleven hours of stairs climbing the day before. We are back on the track to conquer Mt. Emei, the highest of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China.

Top of Emeishan

Top of Emeishan

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Manaslu Circuit Trekking 2018 – Costs and budget

Manaslu is a great choice worth an investment. Topping up a little more than on the notorious Anapurna circuit can eliminate hundreds of fellow trekkers from your views. We were struggling to get our cost estimates before the trip, hence we decided to write this article. We decided to do the trip on our own and budget along the way rather than going on a “package tour”. Result: It’s cheaper and more flexible!

Buddhist Gompa in Manaslu region, Nepal

Buddhist Gompa in the Manaslu region, Nepal

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Manaslu Trek 2018: Inspiring day trips

When planning for Manaslu, take your time to explore and enjoy the magnificent nature during the side trips. Most people plan 16 days, rushing on the main trekking path. However, taking time and stepping aside can reveal some majestic peaks, meadows and lakes! Here is the overview of the day trips we’ve done.

Way to Ponkar lake brings new views of the mountains we've seen for the last several days.

Way to Ponkar lake brings new views of the mountains we’ve seen for the last several days. Manaslu, Nepal.

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Manaslu Circuit Trekking 2018 – Itinerary


We’ve done over 230 kilometres around Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world, in late September 2018. 18 days of trekking with tremendous views. Only us and nature. No showers. No electricity. No internet. We share how to successfully plan and complete this hidden-gem trek right next to the popular and overcrowded Annapurna circuit!

Larke pass Manaslu Circuit Nepal

Pure happiness at the highest point of the trek – Larke Pass at 5106 meters above the sea level!

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Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s a year of Pig. A Pig is a symbol of fortune and luck (maybe as all of the Chinese zodiacs? :)).

Chinese New Year fireworks in Hong Kong 2019

Chinese New Year fireworks in Hong Kong 2019

Pigs everywhere... Happy Chinese New Year!

Pigs everywhere… Happy Chinese New Year!

Eating raw vegetables in Hong Kong? No way!

The first ever article in the newspaper. We’re thrilled to have an interview in the Czech newspapers – Lidove noviny. The article is in Czech and covers our experience and learnings from living in Hong Kong.

Anytime our guests arrive in Hong Kong, we take them to this club for the spectacular view. It’s also spectacularly expensive, so we never get any drinks there. Just enjoying the free views…

It’s not all about about skyscrapers – 5 favorite hikes in Hong Kong

Hustling and bustling Hong Kong? The place with the most dense living areas in the world and skyscrapers everywhere you only look?  Check today’s post to learn what you probably didn’t know about Hong Kong!  Continue reading

3-day hiking guide to Zhangjiajie: In the footsteps of Avatar

Zhangjiajie is best known for the location where the Avatar movie was shot. Thousands of Chinese domestic tourists come to witness the natural rock columns and monuments from the e-buses and cable cars, while we take a completely different approach resulting in 41 km hiked in 3 days. Worth every kilometre!

Zhangjiajie aka Avatar mountains is a real jewel in the natural wonderland of China.
Zhangjiajie aka Avatar mountains is a real jewel in the natural wonderland of China.
If you don’t hike in Zhangjiajie, you are missing out on many beautiful viewing platforms where you are mostly the only one to enjoy the vistas.
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Top Getaway Spots in Coron, Philippines!

Last year when we visited El Nido in the north of Palawan Island in the Philippines, we promised ourselves to be back soon. Celebrating new year on the beach, kayaking to the abandoned bays and eating wild were things we missed for more than a year!

Switch off…it’s the Philippines time!

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