After experiencing it ourselves, we believe that anybody can breakthrough without any major work experience or specialization in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Bring your life to the next level and become a global citizen! Build a truly global career in one of the most international cities in the world.

Get The Hong Kong Handbook: All you need to know when moving to Hong Kong!

We’ve done it. We share it. You can do it too!

The Hong Kong Handbook
The Hong Kong Handbook – All you need to know when moving to Hong Kong
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Hong Kong from Beamer Hill. Unique spot to see the bigger picture of the city.

The city where you want to kickstart or boost your career on global level

Hong Kong is a city of unlimited opportunities, truly intercultural place where East Meets West. It’s a gateway to China and to the entire Asia Pacific region. It’s the place where business grows and where you can kick start your career or bring it to the entirely new level.

Hong Kong is for the people who are looking for:

  • becoming global citizens – living, thinking and working on the global level
  • truly learning about themselves and challenging your skills with global competition
  • a way to kick start or grow a career internationally
  • earning more money
  • simply change in life or base for travelling in Asia

This handbook will make your moving and first months of life in Hong Kong easier. It is based on a half decade of experience of living in Hong Kong and based on the questions that we received from people who wanted to move to Hong Kong.

  • Totally practical – NO theory, only practical knowledge
  • To the point – NO long text passages, only lists and points
  • Real data and real experience of two people who have done it
  • Full of action steps and checklists and templates
Get Handbook (9 USD)
The Hong Kong Handbook
The Hong Kong Handbook – All you need to know when moving to Hong Kong
The global perspective. Starting a career in Hong Kong can elevate not only your CV, but most importantly your MIND.

The Handbook covers all important points of moving to Hong Kong

It helps you answer all the main questions you should be asking yourself prior coming to the global metropolis.

  • Deciding to come to Hong Kong
    • What is life in Hong Kong like (really)?
    • How much does it cost to live in Hong Kong?
  • Job search
    • How and where to look for a job?
    • What kind of visa shall I apply for?
  • Accommodation
    • Where to look for accommodation?
    • What quality of accommodation shall I expect?
  • Arriving in Hong Kong
    • What not to forget before coming to Hong Kong?

What is this handbook NOT about?

  • Expert opinions if you have a chance or not to succeed in Hong Kong – anybody has a chance!
  • General motivational talks
  • To tell you that you have to try it and that you will like Hong Kong no matter what

Great level of details. Made our moving to Hong Kong much easier. It was great to meet you guys in the city! All the best.

Nick, Germany
Get Handbook (9 USD)

Where East Meets West. Where City Meets Nature.
Hong Kong is not about skyscrapers only. There are ultimate getaways where you own the moment.

We’ve done it. We share it. You can do it too.

We are Filip and Kate, two people who want to get maximum from their lives. We traveled half around the world to Hong Kong to kickstart or career and the right dimension to our lives. For more than 4 years, we have been successfully building our career and broadening our horizons by living in Hong Kong and travelling in fast-growing Asia. Over the time, many fellow Czechs and other citizens and friends contacted us with several questions about living, career and adventures in Hong Kong. Hence, we wrote this practical guide to help you breakthrough in Hong Kong.

  • Started from scratch – no connections, no advantages
  • Managed to get visa fast
  • Succesfully changed jobs several times
  • Helped others do the same

If you still doubt or have any questions, you can always contact us here.

Your insights are amazing. I used plenty of the links from this ebook to find a flat at reasonable price downtown Hong Kong.

Natalia, Slovenia
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Back then fresh grads turned to global citizens and professionals. In Hong Kong since 2015.
Night skyline of Hong Kong at Tsim Sha Tsui. A place where it all started. A place where we come regularly to remind ourselves of how far we have gone. Grateful!
The Hong Kong Handbook
The Hong Kong Handbook – All you need to know when moving to Hong Kong

Wow, thanks for all the details and practical steps. We especially found it helpful when dealing with the Immigration Department.

Michael, Czech Republic
Get Handbook (9 USD)